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Delaney’s Family Maternity Session ~ Flasgstaff, AZ

I planned a weekend in Flagstaff this January and I knew I had to finally put a vision I had into reality. I was so happy when Jennifer and her family were available to come up to the snowy pines to be photographed. Jennifer is expecting another little boy leaving her and Lily the only girls in a home that is already run by boys.

Paxton (7), Oliver (5) and Lily (3) are so excited to get to hold and sing to their baby brother. Jen said that everyday the kiddos come up to her belly and say “hello’. give it a kiss and little Lily loves to tickle her belly. How adorable is that?!?

When I asked Jen what dad has done for her during her pregnancy here is what she had to say, “He is always really in tune with what I need! Whether that’s a back or foot rub, or some Mexican food, he always provides. On the weekends sometimes I get to sneak in a couple extra hours of sleep and that is the best! I’m so thankful for him!” Way to go Jay!

Check out the images from their adorable session below.









Kind words from Jen, “The best part of my maternity session was feeling immediately at ease with Ashley. She was so helpful with my family, and my kids instantly loved her. She really helped guide me without making me feel silly. She is so down to earth and really did an amazing job. Her passion for this art is so clear in the images she captured.”

Read more kind word here.

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January 29, 2019

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Perry’s Extended Family Session ~ Tonopah, Arizona

Welcome back, guys and gals!

I recently had a stupendous session with the Perry Family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either. The Perry’s kept me laughing during the entire session with funny jokes and the silly things they would say to each other. They are also so very sweet, they had some of the nicest things to say about me and my business, which made me blush.


We met at the Perry’s farm which I fell in love with!!!  I loved shooting there because their cotton was in full bloom and has gorgeous views. I was so excited to be able to photograph their family there.

For our shoot, the Perry’s brought out their old tractor.  I was able to work in their tractor, my vintage couch and the outfits they chose, which really made for some amazing photos.

Okay, on to pictures of the Perry family!


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January 19, 2019

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How to Make Your Family Shoot Exciting for Everyone

Family Photo Session at Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix Arizona

It can be a headache to get everyone in the family excited about another family photo shoot. Whether it is the traditional holiday shoot or a shoot to update the family photo album planning a family shoot can be a bit stressful. You want your family shoot to go smoothly and be enjoyable for everyone. Consider these tips to get everyone more involved and excited about your next family shoot.


4 Ways to Make Your Family Shoot More Fun.


  1. Choose the right clothes.

Many families choose matching outfits that not all the kids or even their spouse are excited to wear. Instead of choosing matching outfits choose a color palette or a pattern for one family member and work with those colors for the rest of the families outfit. This will allow each family member to choose something they are more comfortable in and gives you more options to add layers and fun textures. You will still get a unified look without everyone wearing the same thing.  Not only will this be more fun for everyone in the photo but the finished product look better as well.


  1. Location, location, location.

Not only does the right location make for stunning photos it also helps everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed. Choosing a familiar location, especially with younger kids, can keep things light and natural. A location that allows you kids to explore a little and run around freely can be the perfect setting for some precious moments.


  1. Bring some props.

Props are always a good idea to bring along for your family shoot and can be just about anything. From bubbles to chalkboards to blankets and kites, the right prop can get everyone in the family more involved in the shoot.


  1. Don’t forget your pets!

Pets are part of the family too, so why not bring them along for your family shoot? Dogs can be very photogenic and your kids will love including their furry family member in their photo shoot. No matter what type of pet you have, animals add a ton of fun not just during the shoot but to the overall images themselves.

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January 15, 2019

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How Moms Can Feel More Confident in Photos

confident moms in photos - Tonopah, Arizona

Moms always do a fantastic job of documenting the lives of their children all the way from birth to college.

You only have to look at a mother’s social media pages to see how much they cherish the big and small moments in their children’s lives. Every milestone is important to them.

Moms are no strangers to scrapbooking, blogging and documenting their child’s special moments, but the problem is that they often leave themselves out of their collection of photos.

Many times moms will ask to be left out of photos when they bring their children through for a shoot. If they do decide that they want to be in the photos, they’ll usually book the shoot months in advance so that they can lose any extra weight.

Every mom should be in more photos with her children and every mom deserves to feel good about the way she looks in those photos. Here are a few tips to help moms look fabulous in all future photos.

Keep that smile natural. There’s nothing more beautiful than a natural smile or laugh so do what it takes to smile as sincerely as possible. Bring someone along to tell you a few jokes to put you at ease if need be but don’t force that smile.

Angle your body. It’s time to put all those yoga classes to good use. In order to make your hips look narrower and your shoulders wider, aim to position your body at a ninety-degree angle from the photographer. Now, simply turn your hips towards the camera and square your shoulders.

Use your children as props. Many women really can’t stand looking at themselves in photos and if this is the case for you, get your children to stand or sit in front of you to avoid being the main focus in the photos.

Keep that chin down. Unfortunately, sticking your chin in the air doesn’t make for flattering photos. By keeping your chin down, you’ll create shadows and contours that will compliment your face. If you’re worried about having a double chin, lean forward slightly to prevent this from happening.

Tone down your outfit. A busy outfit is not the best route to go if you’re looking to go unnoticed in a photo. Keep your clothing simple in order to hide anything that you don’t want to draw attention to. You can also opt for black and white photos if you really want to take the attention away from specific details.

Use natural lighting. Forget the camera flash and opt to have your photos taken in a room where there’s tons of natural light. It makes for amazing photos.


Looking for other helpful ideas for your upcoming session? Check out the tips & tricks section on the blog.


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December 30, 2018

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The Morales’s Family Photo Session- Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona

Family Photographer in gilbert Arizona - Riparian Preserve

I got a call from a family friend of the Morales’s telling me that she wanted to purchase a photo session as a gift for this family who is going through a lot right now. She mentioned that they have not had professional family photos in years and that the dad had been diagnosed with cancer.
I can not imagine what this family is going through but I knew that they needed that money more than I did so I gifted the session to this family all thanks to their family friend reaching out. Below is their story and a link to help support the Morales’s family.
Earlier this year, David was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma which is a rare form of cancer. He had surgery to remove a mass from his leg in April and was on his way to recovery being told that he was cancer free- being a cancer survivor, it’s important that you’re seen for checkups regularly and on Friday, December 7th David went to meet with his doctors to discuss his most recent scans. The news he was given on that day was not what anyone was expecting to hear. He was told that the cancer had returned and had metastasized to his bones. The cancer now resides in numerous areas of his body. He went from being cancer free to being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer within 6 months time.
David will undergo an aggressive chemo treatment over the next 5 -6 months that will include 5 days in the hospital and then 16 days at home, repeating this 6 times. During this time he will be out of work and his loving wife Bianca will be his primary care giver. Bianca holds the insurance for the family and will need to keep her job. She has been approved for FMLA so that she can help care for David on his journey to recovery, but David will be on disability and unable to bring home the full financial support that he is used to.
David is a very strong, dedicated and a giving man, and has done so much for so many people. He is the proud father of 6 beautiful children and enjoys attending church with his family and just having quality family time. David also has a passion for football and over the past 10 years he has given so much of himself to coaching youth football for his boys and community. He’s not only passionate about the sport but about seeing the players succeed in life. For those of you who are volunteers know that this has to be a selfless act, that’s definitely David.
The battle to fight cancer is a lot to worry about and David’s friends and family would like to get the Morale’s family with the added financial strain a critical illness can bring. Please follow the link below to help this family through this tough time.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about their story.


Go Fund Me:

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December 26, 2018

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Gorman’s Family Session ~ Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix, Arizona

Scorpion gulch at South Mountain Family Session

Oh how I just adore the family I’m blogging about today. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been photographing the Gorman family for 2 years now! I truly can’t believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them.


It goes without saying, Abigail and Josh are always a pleasure to work with. It’s hard to not love clients like Abigail who has so much love and excitement for her family. Dad and husband Josh is just as great. He is always keeping everyone laughing with his sense of humor and he adores his family so much.


When Abigial emailed me to take their photos again, I immediately began counting down the days to our session! And as for the day of the shoot, I had a great time! They had a pretty great time, too.


“I love that my kids love Ashleys style of picture taking, she is very personable and she doesnt waste time! With such a large group of kids keeping things moving is a must with us, having to much down time where kids can get dirty and do who knows what is never a good thing. Ashley has always given us more photos then we can afford to chose from, I love that we have options and poses that we get to scan thru!” says Abigail.


Okay, enough text. Check out the fabulous Gorman family!




Check out tips and tricks for your upcoming session on my blog!

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December 13, 2018

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The Barr’s Family Session ~ Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix, Arizona

Family Photo Session at Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix Arizona

Hi again, ladies and gents!

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so wonderful to work with. That’s true of my session with the Barr family, too!

I met up with them at Scorpion Gulch and the weather was perfect but it was the Barr family that made this shoot such a success.



The Barr family consists of Mom – Amy, Dad – Eric, Rosalie who is 8 years old and she has been on the honor roll since she was in kindergarten and loves spaghetti, Melody who is 6 years old and has the cutest little dimple on one cheek and loves babies, and Baby Luna who is just 2 months old and loves to smile at her daddy.

“We like to watch a new movie, eat some snacks in our pjs on the weekends.,” says Amy.




As you can see from the comments above and the photos, this family is not only photogenic, but also a close-knit group who clearly loves spending time together. Amy, Eric, Rosalie, Melody and Luna are lucky to have each other.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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November 14, 2018

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2018 Fall Mini Sessions ~ Ashley Flug Photography

Fall mini session dates and locations


It’s that time of year again for mini sessions. I know a lot of you have been asking about mini sessions so I thought I would get a couple of dates on the calendar for you to start planning your session weather it be family, maternity or photos of your children. More dates may be added depending on how much interest there is. There will be a location at a creek (shown above) as well as a desert location (shown below) both located in the west valley.


$175 for 15 minutes time and 5 digital images.

Up to 5 people.

Only 6 spots available each day.

September 30th at desert location – Waddell, Arizona
5:15 –  Booked
5:30 – Booked
5:45 – Booked

October 14th at creek location – Wickenburg, Arizona
3:00 – Booked
3:30 – Booked
4:00 – Booked
4:15 – Booked

September 15th in Sedona

Have you wanted a destination session but haven’t wanted to pay destination prices. Your in luck! I will be in Sedona the 15th and 16th of September so I wanted to offer mini sessions while I am there so you can get them at regular session pricing!!!

$275 for 30 minutes time and 10 digital images.
Up to 6 people (pets welcome).

6:30am – Booked
6:45am – Booked
7:00am –
7:15am –
7: 30am –
7:45am – Booked

A 50% retainer fee is due within 24 hours to hold your date and time. If unpaid and someone else is interested in your chosen date and time your session will be passed on. I, of course, will send you a reminder email before I pass it on. To book your session please email me at

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August 8, 2018

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9 Tips for Preparing for Your Summer Session

You know we’re ready for a hot summer, but are you? Here are nine ways you can make sure your summer portrait session goes off without a hitch.

  1. Dress appropriately. Summer means hot and humid weather, which can lead to sticky bodies. Choose breathable, lightweight fabrics that don’t weigh you down. As for shoes, sweet flats or loafers are a great option. Check out our summer outfit ideas on the blog!
  2. Consider doing your session at the lake or river to dip your feet in and keep cool. Plus, at the end of your session you can get in and have a water fight with your family! How fun does that sound?
  3. Think about your hair. If you or a family member’s hair reacts to humidity in a negative way, opt for a hairstyle that won’t leave you feeling insecure. For example, a pretty braid or an updo is a good choice. Or you can wear a headscarf, or use a little extra product to keep frizz at bay.
  4. Pack necessities. When packing your photo shoot necessities, we recommend bringing the following items: Lots of water for all, a snack for sustenance, sunscreen, umbrella for shade, water mister, makeup touchup.
  5. Get creative with session ideas. Summer offers a host of activities that lend themselves to amazing photo sessions. For example, there’s the fair (elephant ear, anyone?), the circus, festivals, and plenty more. I’d be more than happy to shoot a really creative session with you.
  6. Think about head to toe details. For example, if you’re wearing flip-flops or open toed shoes, you want to have manicured feet. If it’s really breezy, a hat or scarf can keep things under control.
  7. Rest assured knowing I won’t let you overheat. Sometimes it’s hard just to walk outside when it’s scorching outside, but know that we’re going to have an amazing shoot. We’ll spend lots of time in the shade, dive into the cool A/C when we can, and I will never push your family into staying longer than they can or want.
  8. Incorporate props. Outdoor summer shoots are loaded with imagery as is, but we can always incorporate a few props into the mix. Vintage step stools in a field look gorgeous, as do blankets, and even visually striking treats (lollipops, ice cream, etc.).
  9. Want to skip the heat in general? Well lets do a in-home lifestyle session! I will photograph your family in your home baking goodies, hanging out with the kiddos reading or playing your favorite family game. The options are endless.

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June 24, 2018

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