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I got a call from a family friend of the Morales’s telling me that she wanted to purchase a photo session as a gift for this family who is going through a lot right now. She mentioned that they have not had professional family photos in years and that the dad had been diagnosed with cancer.
I can not imagine what this family is going through but I knew that they needed that money more than I did so I gifted the session to this family all thanks to their family friend reaching out. Below is their story and a link to help support the Morales’s family.
Earlier this year, David was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma which is a rare form of cancer. He had surgery to remove a mass from his leg in April and was on his way to recovery being told that he was cancer free- being a cancer survivor, it’s important that you’re seen for checkups regularly and on Friday, December 7th David went to meet with his doctors to discuss his most recent scans. The news he was given on that day was not what anyone was expecting to hear. He was told that the cancer had returned and had metastasized to his bones. The cancer now resides in numerous areas of his body. He went from being cancer free to being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer within 6 months time.
David will undergo an aggressive chemo treatment over the next 5 -6 months that will include 5 days in the hospital and then 16 days at home, repeating this 6 times. During this time he will be out of work and his loving wife Bianca will be his primary care giver. Bianca holds the insurance for the family and will need to keep her job. She has been approved for FMLA so that she can help care for David on his journey to recovery, but David will be on disability and unable to bring home the full financial support that he is used to.
David is a very strong, dedicated and a giving man, and has done so much for so many people. He is the proud father of 6 beautiful children and enjoys attending church with his family and just having quality family time. David also has a passion for football and over the past 10 years he has given so much of himself to coaching youth football for his boys and community. He’s not only passionate about the sport but about seeing the players succeed in life. For those of you who are volunteers know that this has to be a selfless act, that’s definitely David.
The battle to fight cancer is a lot to worry about and David’s friends and family would like to get the Morale’s family with the added financial strain a critical illness can bring. Please follow the link below to help this family through this tough time.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about their story.


Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/david-moralesconquering-cancer

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