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It’s hot outside, but fear not. Here are some cool wardrobe tips to make sure your summer family photo session is a hit:

– Wear light fabrics that let you breath, but still look polished. It’s OK to show some skin, too. Shorts are good, as are tank tops.
– Really play up the summer accessory factor. I’m talking sun hats for the ladies and big sunglasses for all.
– You can even bring summer-appropriate props that complement your outfits. Maybe it’s a beach ball, balloons, giant lollipop or messy ice cream cone.
– Choose shoes that are comfortable and summery. Flip flops, loafers, open-toed pumps, even sweet sneakers on your kiddos.


Indigo – or deep blue – is a rich, exceedingly popular color which looks beautiful in almost any setting. Outfits with blue elements create a sense of calm and quiet – perfect for a more introverted couple or natural backdrops. Blue can be dressed up or down to fit your tastes, and can be used either as a main color or accenting in your outfits.

Cascade – Brighter than the other blues in this collection, Cascade is optimistic and playful. Soft sand tones as accents allow this special blue to shine. Cascade is another wonderful choice for those who aren’t quite sure what color would look best; it won’t let you down! A perfect color to wear for the camera.


Coral Breeze – Coral is a lovely color for photo shoots both indoor and outdoors! A long, flowy maxi dress keeps you comfortable while allowing you to show off your baby bump. Natural fiber accessories, such as a straw hat and woven bag, add casual elegance to your look. Sandals look great and feel great with long dresses and prevent your feet from overheating!

Lace Yesterday – A lovely lace dress with a flattering a­line cut allow you and baby to stay cool and comfortable during the shoot! A parasol adds vintage elegance while providing shade in an outdoor session. Accessorize with a splash of color ­ aqua looks fabulous! ­ to add interest to your images. Flats and low­heel shoes keep you safe and comfortable.


Honey Blues – What a sweet look for the warm season! A flattering light blue cotton dress makes you the standout! Accessorize with golden tones to add warmth to the pallette. Adding a themed necklace, such as a honeybee, creates meaning and detail in your images and allows you to express the things you love. A perfect look for an outdoor shoot.

Sugar Coated – The overall effect of this look is relaxed, happy, and delicious! Candy­inspired colors such as corals and bright greens interplay against an otherwise muted palette. Denim shorts keep you cool with a relaxed, breezy shirt on top. Try a surprisingly bright pair of flats to add interest and color­pop to your images!

Pink Lemonade – Ah, pink and canary yellow stripes ­ the classic summer outfit! A relaxed ruffle­hemmed shirt with stripes is slimming and comfortable. Brightly colored cropped pants are playful and comfy to wear. Muted tans and greys for accessories make sure not to draw too much attention away from you, and a wide­brimmed straw hat keeps you cool and looking fabulous! Flowy, stretchy fabrics feel wonderful and look great on camera.


Summer of Love – Coral and yellow solids form the base of the outfit, allowing interesting jewelry and accessories to create added detail. A flowy skirt adds a whimsical touch. Canvas accessories and shoes keep things casual. Natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton or linen, help to keep you cool in the warm sun!

In Full Bloom – A unique blend of denim, color, and florals make this outfit wonderfully fresh! Dip­dyed denim shorts add a unique color gradient, matching the beachy coral sandals. A while cotton tank top allows your accessories to shine ­ try sunglasses and a colorful necklace to bring the look together! A floral headband is just the thing to top things off ­ adding organic detail and Summery whimsy!

Ultra Pop – A mix of quiet and loud makes this outfit a standout. Splashes of incredible, intense color create strong focal points against soft, neutral colors. Start with solid color pants and a grey tank ­ then add color and personality with shoes and accessories! A great look for indoors or outdoors.

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