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Welcome back to the blog, dear readers! Today I’m sharing a preview of the newborn lifestyle session I recently had with Teagyn, who was welcomed into this big world on 8/4/18 to Steffani and Anthony. As you can imagine, Mom and Dad are equal parts exhausted and delirious with their sweet baby girl.


When mom seen Teagyn for the first time she remembered thinking that she was so excited to finally have her precious little girl in her arms and that she couldn’t wait for their other kids to meet her. Their favorite part of having Teagyn home has been feeling like their family is finally complete. Mom said, “Teagyn is such an easy baby and so loveable. She loves to be snuggled and rocked.” How could they not totally be in love?

Newborn-Lifestyle-Session-Buckeye-Arizona-Ashley-Flug-Photography05.jpgWhen I asked mom and dad how their other kiddos reacted to baby Teagan this is what they said,  “Teagyn is number 4 in our family. We have Madysen, who is 5, Bryli is 19 months, and Xavier is 11 months. Mady and Bryli have both become little mommies, always wanting to hold Teagyn and help me out with getting her diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. I was nervous to see how Bryli would respond to a baby, but she couldn’t be more in love. She loves to rock her in her swing, cover her with a blanket and hold her hand while she’s eating. Xavier hasn’t really discovered that Teagyn is here yet. He doesn’t ever go near her or acknowledge that she’s around, but as he grows, I know they’re going to be super close. I can’t wait to see how all their relationships start to form.”

Newborn-Lifestyle-Session-Buckeye-Arizona-Ashley-Flug-Photography06.jpgTheir family has expanded faster than most in the last 3 years, mom and dad have gone through foster care, an adoption, 2 pregnancies and are continuing their foster journey. It has really kept their hands busy and their hearts full. There’s never a dull moment in their house, but they wouldn’t have it any other way and I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to be a (small!) part of their parenthood journey.


Congrats on your growing family, Steffani and Anthony!





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