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Things to think about when choosing the perfect location for your session

It’s almost time for your session and we’re trying to decide on a location. Here are some things you’ll want to consider before choosing a location:

Comfort: A family photoshoot is where you get to smile, laugh and be yourselves. If some of your family members are shy then you might not want to choose a very public spot.

Personalities: What makes your family unique? Choose a location that fits in with who you are as a family. Do you enjoy spending time in your garden or on a couch reading books? Perhaps you spend lots of time outdoors and on camping trips? Your location should speak to your personalities.

Convenience: Take each member of your family into consideration. What are their ages and needs? If you have two toddlers that might need to use a bathroom at any time, then a remote spot is probably not the best idea.

Keep in mind the décor of your home: My personal photography style is bright and airy. However, my home is more light and bright. I would never have us dressed in dark, bold colors on a canvas in my wall because it doesn’t go with my rustic décor. Make sure you coordinate your outfits and locations to match the décor style of your home. You also will need to coordinate the colors with the walls of your house so they don’t clash.


Photoshoot Location Ideas

Below are some ideas of where you could arrange your photo session.

At Home: Sometimes the best shots can be taken right at home. We will come to your house and take photos of your family in your own natural environment. Get your family outside in the garden or setup your living room for a classic look and feel. These are beautiful and will look great in your house because they match perfectly.

In the City: For a more modern feel to your photos you could get out in the city and take a few photos next to an interesting building or in a funky alley way.

In Nature: If you’re looking for a calm, natural setting then choose an outdoor location.  Desert and greenery make for beautiful backdrops.

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August 13, 2018

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