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Every mother wants to capture as many photos of her new baby as she can and if you’re currently expecting, you’re probably wondering about the best time to schedule your newborn photo session.
The reality is that all parents have different preferences, with many not wanting to photograph their little one too soon. Others simply don’t have the time or energy to schedule in a photoshoot directly after birth.
Every shot of your newborn is special and this is a time that you’ll want to remember for years to come, so what are your options?

Understanding Your Newborn Photo Session Options

The First 48 Hours

The first few hours after your baby is born are very special and filled with ‘first moments’. If you want to capture your little one’s first bath or the moment they meet siblings or other members of the family, schedule your newborn shoot during the first 2 days. Usually these will be taken at the place of birth whether in the hospital or at home, you will be happy to capture these very special ‘firsts’.

The First Two Weeks

If you want time to find your feet as a new mom and you simply love how newborn babies look when they’re sleeping, schedule your shoot during the first two weeks after your baby is born. Your little one will still be very new to the world and will spend more time sleeping than anything else, which makes for beautiful photos.

One to Three Months

If capturing your baby’s personality is more important to you, wait a month or two before you schedule your session. During the first three months, your baby will become more alert, open their eyes and even smile. If this will be your first baby, you may only be feeling more relaxed after a month or two, which will make the shoot more pleasant for you.


Newborn photo sessions are very personal, so do what’s right for you and find a photographer that you feel comfortable with.


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