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Hey hey hey!!! We have finally set our dates for Minnesota so I thought I would write a blog post so my amazing Arizona clients know to book there session before I leave or after I get back and so my amazing Minnesota clients know when I will be there and you can plan ahead for your session.

This year I decided that Alaire, Bella, Jr. and I are going to drive back to Minnesota. After my last flight incident I decided I will stay on the ground this trip. And a big shout out to my family! They are defiantly going to save my sanity so I do not loose my mind on a road trip with three kids on my own hahaha. My sister, Samantha, is going to fly down to Arizona a week before I leave to Minnesota so she can drive there with us and my mom is going to drive back to Arizona with us, stay for a week and fly home to Minnesota.

I am leaving Arizona on June 23rd and plan on being to Minnesota on June 25th. We will be leaving Minnesota on July 13th and going to stay with my sister in Kansas for a day or two and plan on being back to Arizona by July 16th or 17th. My husband, Sean, is flying to Minnesota and will be there June 29th and leaving July 9th.

Alright, now to session dates. For my Arizona clients who would like to book a summer destination session or an in-home lifestyle session to beat the heat, my last session before I leave will be June 20th and I will resume sessions when I get back on July 18th. For my Minnesota clients I will only be putting aside a couple of dates for sessions while I am there so I can also enjoy family time. I will be doing sessions the evenings of July 1st and July 8th. There will be 3-5 sessions available per date depending on which package is purchased so make sure to book yours before they fill up.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please email me at info@ashleyflugphotography.com or go to the contact tab in the menu.



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